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Our Services

Assess  •  Expose  •  Integrate  •  Protect

DataWarrior utilises various server backup and recovery options to ensure your data is secure and accessible.


Following an assessment of your current risks and threats, we will propose and deliver a bespoke solution for your business.

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Careful analysis of your threats and weaknesses. We perform a data risk assessment. 


Report on the current risks that you are facing. This includes cyber threat and compliance exposure. 

Assess & Expose Through Qualified Penetration Testing
and Vulnerability Studies.

•      All pre-engagement Interactions & Interviews
•      System and Infrastructure overviews
•.     Intelligence Gathering
•      Threat Modelling
•      Vulnerability Analyses
•      Exploitation Potential Assessment
•      Post Exploitation Discussions
• Remedial Consultations
•      Report Provision

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Propose and execute a bespoke solution for your business that includes system design and application integration. 


Long-term testing and regular evaluation, ensuring that you have optimum business continuity protection in place.

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